Mean Girls: The Musical is about a girl, Cady Heron (Erika Henningsen) trying to fit in to her new school after she just moved from Kenya, Africa. She meets Janis (Barrett Wilbert Weed) and Damian (Grey Henson) who are going to be her new best friends. She gets called over by "The Plastics" Regina George (Taylor Louderman), Gretchen Wieners (Ashley Park), and Karen Smith (Kate Rockwell). They are the most popular in all of North Shore High. Janis and Damian come up with a plan that involves Cady and "The Plastics", and since Cady doesn't know any better she decides to go along with it. Then when she starts her classes she realizes that there is a very attractive guy in her calculus class, Aaron Samuels (Kyle Selig). She is a very smart math student but to get Aaron to like her she dumbs down.